Meet the face behind Creation!

Our Story

Creation is a home-grown business where we sell customized gifts and home décor products.  I always loved involving myself in some creative work and would often experiment. During festivals, I redecorated the house with handmade stuff and made gifts for birthdays and other occasions. The appreciation I received from friends and family was really overwhelming and they suggested that I should turn this hobby around into a business. I always wanted to work on something I was passionate about, and this seemed like a perfect opportunity! Managing both work and my family and house being a housewife proved to be a little difficult, but nobody should not have time to work on their passion. So, every now and then I used to snatch away some time from my schedule and started working towards this. Soon enough, I had my first sale in 2018. And within no time, I started getting calls from exhibitions happening in and around Lucknow and had my first one in 2019. The response and support was overwhelming as people stopped by, lined up and appreciated the hard work put into it. The best part about this was that people found what they needed nowhere, but here and got exactly what they had in mind.

The market has new trends every day, and we try to experiment with them now and then. People are all about personalized products in today’s time, and we keep adding products to our collection as per their needs.

A lot of people have started their business around customized products but charge huge amounts. We make sure that our products are within our customers’ budget and also make sure the quality is not compromised.


I started Creation because I wanted to provide gifting and decor items that were fully customizable and what they want, not what I make. Currently I have my workspace at my place and work on it alone but would definitely take this forward and have a work studio someday.